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Join a supportive community of more than 100 travel agents who build each other up, and who have created lifelong friendships. Your fellow VV agents are an amazing group that act as a support system and can help wherever you are in your business. We have regular in-person and virtual events to help encourage building together. Our community focuses on peer-to-peer coaching so you are learning from fellow agents who know what it's like to be in your shoes.

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You won't be doing this alone! The agency works as 1 brand which has created community over competition. We travel together and attend trainings together. We feel like this is where we stand out in the terms of host agencies. We train everyone on social media, on how to build your travel business with very little overhead. The office produces marketing to simplify so you can spend your time planning the vacations for your clients.

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We offer a team environment, top commissions and exclusive FAM trips. Our agency works exclusively on planning vacations. We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable team that is very respected in the industry. We offer a 'New to the Industry' sign-on training, and continual training opportunities both in person and via ZOOM. Agents are always invited to job shadow in-office agents for additional hands-on training, as well as goal planning sessions with our owner, Lia Vincent.


Where We Rank

Where do we rank in the world of travel suppliers? We are an EarMarked agency with the Walt Disney Travel Company, Platinum agency with Apple Leisure Group, Diamond Elite with Delta Vacations, a Preferred Sandals Agency and in the top 5 of agencies across the country with American Airlines Vacations just to name a few.

We are 100% vacation focused with our top 5 destinations being Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean, Disney and Europe.

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Interested in being a Disney Agent?
Click here to apply to be a Disney Agent! Disney travel agents jobs hiring from home near me. Join our team of authorized disney travel agents and planners.

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent?


If you've ever been a part of one of the millions who flock to Disney parks each year, you know how magical it is. As a certified travel agent specializing in Disney vacations, you can help people make their own magical memories. If you love planning trips and helping other people, becoming a Disney travel agent may seem like a dream career. But before becoming your own boss, there are some important things to consider.

Choose an Agency

If you're serious about becoming a Disney travel agent, it's important to choose an agency with a good reputation. There are thousands of agencies out there, but only a select few have the right tools and resources to help you succeed as an agent. Choose an agency that is reputable. Reputation is everything in the travel industry—you don't want to work for a company that has bad reviews on sites like Glassdoor or Yelp! Choose an agency with a good reputation. If they've been around for longer than four months, they probably know what they're doing and can help guide you along your way toward becoming successful

Complete Training

In order to become a Disney travel agent, you will need to complete training. Training is important for many different reasons. First, it gives you the chance to learn all of the ropes and lingo required for the job. Second, it allows you time to learn about costs associated with traveling in order to give clients an accurate quote. Finally, training also gives you an opportunity to get certified as a trained travel agent in order to help people plan their vacations.

Learn the Lingo

The importance of knowing the lingo can't be understated. A good travel agent is one who knows how to speak the language of their clients, and if you want to become a top-notch Disney travel agent, it's important that you learn some key words.

Know the Costs

The cost of becoming a Disney travel agent varies by agency. Some agencies will require more than others, and there’s no such thing as “cheap,” but some are certainly more expensive than others. The same goes for state requirements and the number of classes you need to take before taking exams. Because this is such an important decision, it’s worth looking into all the options your company offers before making one final choice.

Get Certified

Before you can become a Disney travel agent, you’ll have to get certified. This is a good thing because it will help prepare you for the job and show that you’re serious about it. To get your certification, take the Travel and Tourism Certification Exam. The cost of taking this exam varies depending on which state or country you live in and how many times per year they offer it. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 USD for each attempt (the price includes both the application fee and administration costs). The exam itself costs $140 USD per attempt; however, if your first try fails, there are no additional charges until your next attempt (as long as they're within three years).

Valuable information for people wanting to become travel agents.

The best way to become a Disney travel agent is to choose a company that is reputable and offers training and support. Disney travel agents are responsible for planning trips for families to Disney resorts and theme parks. The following information can help those who want to become travel agents: Qualifications: Most companies require candidates to have at least some experience in the field, but it won't be necessary if you're just starting out. You'll also need good communication skills, because this job often requires working with clients over the phone or email as well as in person. Training: Many companies provide training programs for their new hires so they can learn about their products before starting work on their own accounts. This could include taking courses on topics like hotel management or other relevant subjects related closely enough so that they'll be able to assist customers effectively when needed later down line should any arise unexpectedly out of nowhere during conversations with them (which happens quite often).

If you love planning trips and helping other people, becoming a Disney travel agent may seem like a dream career.

If you love planning trips and helping other people, becoming a Disney travel agent may seem like a dream career. But it's more than just booking flights and hotels. There are a lot of steps along the way that can help make your dream come true: Learn about Disney's products, policies and brands. Become an expert in all things Disney. Get your travel sales license from the state where you live.

But Disney trips aren't the only thing Disney travel agents do.

Disney travel agents are not just helping people get to Orlando and buy tickets to the parks. They also help with making reservations at restaurants, booking character dining experiences, getting tickets for other activities in the area (like Cirque du Soleil), and even planning a trip that doesn't take place at Disney World!

You can become a Disney travel agent by following any one of many paths.

There are many paths to becoming a Disney travel agent. You can work for a travel agency that is a Disney partner, or you can become an independent contractor and work with any agency. You also have the option of working directly for Disney or one of its cruise line partners. In addition, while it's not necessary to be licensed by the state, it will make it easier to get your foot in the door if you are. Most states require that you pass licensing exams before being able to sell vacation packages for any company, so this will likely be something worth looking into if you don't have any experience selling travel services yet.

There are benefits to becoming a Disney travel agent and also some drawbacks.

There are many benefits to becoming a Disney travel agent, but there are also some drawbacks. You can make good money if you're willing to put in the hours and get your name out there. You'll also get a lot of resort discounts which will pay for more vacations (for yourself and your clients). I've only been doing this for about 6 months and I'm already saving money on my family's next trip because of the discounts I receive from being an agent! If you're considering becoming one, here are some things you should know: The best part is that it's a great way to meet people who love Disney as much as you do! You will have access to amazing deals on all kinds of things: park passes, hotel rooms, dining plans...the list goes on! If nothing else comes out of this experience at least now when someone asks me what kind of work I do I won't feel like such an idiot when answering "Oh...I'm just a travel agent."

It's important to know what personality traits are common in successful Disney travel agents.

To become a successful travel agent, you must be able to multitask. You'll have many clients at once, and they'll all need your attention and service. You'll need to be good with people, as well. Being able to deal with high stress situations is also important because you'll often find that your clients are in a rush and may place unreasonable demands on you. It's important to stay calm and think on your feet when these kinds of things happen so that everyone can get what they need done quickly without incident or miscommunication. If there's one thing that keeps travelers coming back for more Disney vacations again and again, it's knowing that everything will go smoothly from start to finish—and that starts with having the right person leading them through the process!

Being a Disney travel agent is incredibly rewarding but it requires a lot of work in exchange for the benefits!

Being a Disney travel agent is incredibly rewarding but it requires a lot of work in exchange for the benefits! You get to help people plan their dream vacation, you get to help people have fun, and you get to help people save money. Working as a Disney travel agent will give you the opportunity to make your customers’ vacations amazing while also giving yourself an incredible career path.


This can be a great career for anyone who loves to help others, is organized, and has a passion for Disney. There are many different paths available to becoming a Disney travel agent, but the key is finding the one that works best for you. The more research you do before choosing an agency and starting your training, the better off you'll be when it comes time to start working on your own clients' vacation plans.